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Help Matt Davis Get Around the World

I just finished a short tour with a very funny dude, Matt Davis. A short tour for me, a very long tour for Matt.

Matt is a comedian out of Birmingham, Alabama who has been on the road consistently since the time he was 19. Bananas.

Don't worry, I got a haircut one day after this.

Matt is at the beginning of what he hopes will be a one-year comedy tour around the world. He is booking the tour as he goes and is relying on the help of friends, comedians, comedy fans and occasional human traffickers that he will no doubt be bought/ sold by, to help him schedule shows.

So help him out at He is looking for contacts everywhere, literally everywhere. If you have a friend who drinks at a bar in Batswana, see if they need a comedian to round out their "Taco Tuesdays".

Matt spent about 10 days in China to start the trip and already has his plans worked out for the first two months. He is in Malaysia now at the fantastic Crackhouse Comedy Club, where I performed in April. He then will head to Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Korea before making his way to India for a month.

Sometime within the next 12 months Matt Davis will be stealing a cop car and running away from drug lords.

A month of comedy in India! That sounds nuts. I’ll be honest, I am trying to help Matt out as much as I can so that he will share information with me and I can perform in all of these places once he survives.

I figure he is going to get stabbed in at least half of these countries, which will let me know what “hot spots” to avoid. Then I can do a 6 month tour of the less stabby countries and have a grand old time.

As for me, no tours scheduled for the month of August. I will be here in Suzhou and Shanghai building out my hour of material at Kung Fu Komedy Club. I will post those dates here on the main page.

I have about 45 minutes that I am happy pretty happy with now and about 5 minutes that I wouldn’t mind dropping out of my act. My goal is to use the last month of summer to finish off the set so I can take it on the road in the fall.

Expect this dance and more on my fall 2015 tour.

OH! I'm also doing another Baijiu Debates in Shanghai on August 15. We have a killer lineup with Andy Curtain, Joe Schaefer, Byron Murphy and Laurent Ginoux confirmed.

Last thing, I’ll be in Denver on August 27th and in Phoenix the first week of September hanging out with family and seeing friends. I would love to do guest-spots while in both of those places but have zero contacts. If anyone knows clubs or bookers to recommend please contact me on the website. Thanks.

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