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Tobacco Road with Jimmy Shubert

Sometimes the universe works in your favor.

A couple weeks ago I was in Elon, North Carolina for a friend’s wedding in a real life barn. Like, a real barn. I felt very American. My old friend Jimmy Shubert happened to be visiting friends an hour away from the real life barn in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I had just gotten a burner phone for the US trip and boom.

“Hey is this Turner’s Burner? This is Jimmy Shubert, let’s hang out.”


And we did. A dude who lives in LA and another in Shanghai met up in the middle of Tobacco Road on an uneventful Tuesday in June. We met up at a Texas steak house across the parking lot from a Dick’s Sporting Goods and spent most of the time saying "Dude, this is nuts that you are here". It felt like Jimmy was in witness protection and I was the FBI rep coming to make sure everything was still going alright.

Shubert N Carolina.jpg

Jimmy is one of the most accomplished comedians I have the pleasure of being friends with and its always great to hang out with. From his early days touring with Sam Kineson and hanging out with Billy Idol to his most recent exposure on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, the dude kills everywhere he goes and is extremely generous in helping young comedians get breaks.

billyidol shubert.jpg

Jimmy Shubert and Billy Idol ripping it up in the 1980's

When I first went to LA two years ago he was the one who convinced me to make the trip, then helped me get spots around town and even let me crash at his place. Now whenever I go back I get spots with bookers and clubs all based off of the original connections I made through Jimmy.

jimmy-shubert last comic.jpg

Jimmy as a finalist on Last Comic Standing

Here is Jimmy tearing it up as usual. I saw his set a few months ago which he is working out for his new comedy special and its hilarious. You have to see it when it comes out, I'll post about it here.

*Special congratulations to JD and Kristen on their wedding and the amazing party in the barn afterwards. It felt like we were living in a Nicholas Sparks novel. Also, I only know that reference because everyone asks if I’m related to him and Myrna once sat next to him on a plane. Its not like I would ever read, or watch, alright shut up. Whatever, I’ve seen previews.

2015-06-23 15.28.26.jpg

When you get married in a barn, every dance is a square dance. Thanks for preparing me for adulthood, frontier day!

2015-06-23 15.28.52.jpg

This was the barn. We were either going to have a great time or get murdered. No middle ground.

2015-06-23 15.28.21_edited.jpg

Ye Ye and I hanging out in a field owned by Amish Pilgrims, I think that's what they are called

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