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New York and Ari's Skeptic Tank

I just left New York and man did I have a good time. I got to do shows all week at clubs around the city, I saw a boat load of old friends, went to a Yankee game and did my friend Ari Shaffir's "Skeptic Tank" podcast.

Check it out here

Last Tuesday Ari and I were planning on hanging out as we have been friends since I toured with him as an opening act in China last summer. I was going to meet up with him in Manhattan and check out a couple of his spots. A few hours before were supposed to meet he sent me a text asking if I would like to meet right away and talk about Mister Softee on his podcast.

I went over to his new place and we just hung out in his backyard and talked. The whole thing was done on two microphones and a recorder, and its one of the biggest podcasts out there. Its amazing technology is at a place were all of the pomp and circumstance of a radio station studio really is unnecessary at this point.

image (11).jpg

Tyler, Ari and I. The angle is weird but yes he is still that much taller than us.

The Yankee game was great. My brother Tyler, Ari and I scalped 16 dollar tickets for 20 bucks, bought 10 dollar beers and hung out in amazing weather all afternoon.

Ye Ye and I are considering a move to the US at some point in the not too distant future. LA was previously #1 on the list but after the week we had New York just bolted up the charts, possibly 1 or a strong 2.

The amount of good restaraunts, bars and neighborhoods is overwhelming. We were staying in an area of Brooklyn called Fort Green which I had never previously heard of, and even that area was amazing. The Barclay Center was right there, great sandwhich shops, Spike Lee's office is down the street. This would be the coolest neighbhorhood in most cities in America and it doesn't even make the cut for NYC tourists. Crazy.

image (14)_edited.jpg

They love Biggie in Brooklyn almost as much as we love Vlade in Sacramento

As for comedy, I'm not making any new claims here but there can't be a better place on earth to be a comedian. Shows are happening everywhere. I did a show in the back of a nail salon/ bar and it was packed. I did a show in Brooklyn in the basement of a bookstore and it was fun.

image (13).jpg

On stage at Gotham Comedy Club in New York

The only problem is that housing seems to be wildly expensive. So if we go we will need to arrive with some cash and a plan to make more quickly. Any ideas let me know.

Sunday night I did a spot on a sold out show at UCB East. Sold out on a Sunday night! The crowd was intelligent and super supportive. Great atmosphere.

Every show was fun, the city is alive. I've been gone for a few days and I still have this boost of energy like I'm eating non-stop power bars.

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