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Hanging at The Crackhouse

I had an awesome time in Malaysia with The Crackhouse Comedy Club guys. I was there a couple of weeks ago as part of a South-East Asia tour playing seven shows in ten nights between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. Killer trip!

8 x 10 turner.jpg

The Crackhouse is designed perfectly for comedy, easily one of the top rooms in Asia currently. Rizal and Jonathan Atherton run a great operation, everybody was cool and the people in KL (and Singapore) know way more about China than I would have assumed.

For instance, I have a joke about The Great Wall which I had given up on doing in America after the joke completely bombed at a show in the US. I didn't understand why until after the show when a woman in the audience said to me "The Great Wall? Didn't they take that down in the 1980's?". But in Malaysia and Singapore, they understand that The Great Wall is not The Berlin Wall! Bonus. Back in the act!

In Kuala Lumpur my hotel was right in the middle of Chinatown, which I came to find out was a place where no one spoke Chinese.

Me: "Ni Hao. Nimen You Mei You Bing Kuai?" (Hello, do you have ice?)

7-11 Dude (Puzzled): "I'm from Burma" (I'm from Burma)

Apparently Chinese people are the rich people of South-East Asia and none of them work in the stores they own. I did not know that. I am going to tell my girlfriend that if move to SE Asia we will be rich.

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