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Steve Simeone is Hilarious and Here Comes Singapore/ KL

Hey guys,

I just spent a week on the road with my new friend, LA based comedian Steve Simeone. Steve is the host of the "Good Times" podcast on Itunes and a very good comedian. Steve, Andy Curtain and I toured Changzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai over the course of five days and man was it fun.

The shows were great, the crowds were fun, we at KFC at midnight in Changzhou and then I fought off a food coma on the 1.5 hour drive back to Suzhou while Steve and Andy struggled to stay awake and keep me company. We ate Uiger (pronounced weeger) food in Suzhou and had to convince Steve that although it sounds like it, the term Uiger is neither racist or offensive. Then in Shanghai we recorded a hilarious podcast which got lost forever in editing. Great trip!

Its Monday night and I'm exhausted. Wednesday I head to Singapore for shows with Comedy Club Asia and Kuala Lumpur for shows at The Crackhouse. They are two of Asia's newest comedy clubs and are supposed to be a blast so I am pumped to get down there for the first time since college.

Oh yeah one more thing, I just finalized dates for Cebu, Philippines in late June with my good friend Ruben Paul so be on the lookout for those. Alright, can't wait for all of this. Come hang out!

Kiwi popsicle


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