Lost In America Podcast

Turner Sparks (Founder of Mister Softee China and Shanghai's Kung Fu Komedy Club) and Michael Kaplan (Just Had a Heart Attack) Skip the Mainstream Media to Interview Journalists, Comedians, Documentarians and International Entrepreneurs to Find Out What's Really Going on Around the World

157: Jim Norton

Playing Don Rickles in The Irishman

156: Kap and Turner
Get Invited to an Immigrant Jam
Immigrant Jam.png

155: Dan Frigolette

Telling Jokes in South Africa

Dan Frigolette.png
Ryan Long
154: Punk Rock Comedian
Turner and Kap
153: New Mexico's Oil Boom
Norah Yang
152: Comedy in China
Kevin Ryan
151: Germany's Octoberfest
Joe Gerics
150: Running for Town Council, Again
Alex Pavone
149: Canada's NBA Championship Parade
Rojo Perez
148: Telling Jokes in English and Spanish
Turner and Kap
147: Turner's Album Soars to #2 In the Charts
Jeremy Pinsly
146: Adult Birthright Trip to Israel
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