Turner Sparks and Sir Michael Ira Kaplan are on a quest to explore every town in America through the eyes of the scumbags, scoundrels and world touring comedians who grew up there. Who knows what they’ll find out? This is Lost In America.

162: Jeremy Pinsly

Belle Meade, Tennessee

161: Sir Michael Ira Kaplan
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Kap and Turner LIA_edited.png

160: Usama Siddiquee

Plano, Texas

Andrew Heaton
159: Edmond, Oklahoma
Kap, Turner and Producer Boomer
158: Ok Producer Boomer
Jim Norton
157: Playing Don Rickles in The Irishman
Kap and Turner
156: Invited to an Immigrant Jam
Dan Frigolette
155: Telling Jokes in South Africa
Ryan Long
154: Punk Rock Comedian
Turner and Kap
153: New Mexico's Oil Boom
Norah Yang
152: Comedy in China
Kevin Ryan
151: Germany's Octoberfest
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