Vine Is Dead and Why That Makes Me Old

I just saw that Vine has closed it’s doors. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Vine was an APP like Twitter but instead of 140 characters it was seven second videos. I never had it. I barely knew about it. Somehow happy while being oblivious to certain social media. And they said it couldn't be done. But here is what I am now realizing. The closure of Vine means that one day in the future there will be a generation of Americans who look back nostalgically on the “Vine” era the way I look back on the Chia Pet Era or Hair Metal. “Dude, remember Vine? Those were the days”. “Life used to be so simple.” Inevitably technology will advance to the point where people will look at

New York - The Movie About Me Moving

Check out my new podcast "Lost In America" with Michael Kaplan and I on Itunes here. Subscribe, Like and Leave a Comment! Its great, we talk about being brand new to America as an American adult and why this place makes no sense. August 4th 2016 I jumped on a plane, flew over Siberia, the North Pole, down into Canada and landed in New York City. I had an apartment, a few friends and a couple of suitcases. Like that girl in the movie Brooklyn I was a young immigrant with a dream to take over the city. I was even living in Brooklyn. I was her. I would step foot into a comedy club the next day begin my journey to the top of the comedy world, much like she made it to the top of the departmen

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