Help Matt Davis Get Around the World

I just finished a short tour with a very funny dude, Matt Davis. A short tour for me, a very long tour for Matt. Matt is a comedian out of Birmingham, Alabama who has been on the road consistently since the time he was 19. Bananas. Don't worry, I got a haircut one day after this. Matt is at the beginning of what he hopes will be a one-year comedy tour around the world. He is booking the tour as he goes and is relying on the help of friends, comedians, comedy fans and occasional human traffickers that he will no doubt be bought/ sold by, to help him schedule shows. So help him out at He is looking for contacts everywhere, literally everywhere. If you have a friend wh

I'm Headlining on Saturday (July 11)! Check out who's joining me in Shanghai...

Is this a thinly veiled attempt to promote my headlining show this Saturday night at The Kung Fu Komedy Club in Shanghai? Most certainly yes. But its also a good time to introduce the world of stand up comedy in Shanghai/ Suzhou which I’ve been part of since 2009. Its me, on Saturday! I’m eventually going to move back to the US to pursue comedy full-time and for the most part that will be a welcome change, but man there are parts of living in this crazy country that I am going to miss. First of all, I have traveled quite a bit for comedy now and couldn’t think of a better place to start out as a comedian than Shanghai. I know that sounds insane. “They don’t speak your language". "You do

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