Becoming Swedish in Shanghai

Trying to make 150 people laugh when they are all from a country you have never been to can be scary. Turns out, it can also be wildly fun. I performed at a “Swedish Young Professionals” event in Shanghai recently and beyond learning that their food and alchohol are amazing, I learned that one hundred and fifty Swedish people know how to party. Apparently Swedish Jesus is part savior, part flower-wearing hippie The event was a Swedish Young Professionals party celebrating “Swedish Midsummer’s Day”, which it turns out, nobody really knows what that means. Before doing my set I went around the party earlier in the night asking people what it meant. "Hey, I'm here to tell you all the facts ab

Tobacco Road with Jimmy Shubert

Sometimes the universe works in your favor. A couple weeks ago I was in Elon, North Carolina for a friend’s wedding in a real life barn. Like, a real barn. I felt very American. My old friend Jimmy Shubert happened to be visiting friends an hour away from the real life barn in Greensboro, North Carolina. I had just gotten a burner phone for the US trip and boom. “Hey is this Turner’s Burner? This is Jimmy Shubert, let’s hang out.” "Done". And we did. A dude who lives in LA and another in Shanghai met up in the middle of Tobacco Road on an uneventful Tuesday in June. We met up at a Texas steak house across the parking lot from a Dick’s Sporting Goods and spent most of the time saying "D

New York and Ari's Skeptic Tank

I just left New York and man did I have a good time. I got to do shows all week at clubs around the city, I saw a boat load of old friends, went to a Yankee game and did my friend Ari Shaffir's "Skeptic Tank" podcast. Check it out here Last Tuesday Ari and I were planning on hanging out as we have been friends since I toured with him as an opening act in China last summer. I was going to meet up with him in Manhattan and check out a couple of his spots. A few hours before were supposed to meet he sent me a text asking if I would like to meet right away and talk about Mister Softee on his podcast. I went over to his new place and we just hung out in his backyard and talked. The whole thin

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