Baijiu Debates is as Ridiculous as it Sounds

Alright so three years ago I got a pilot for a TV show in Shanghai on International Channel Shanghai. They were looking for a new host for a show called "Culture Matters" and they hired me to shoot a pilot for a rebooted version of the show. The aim of Culture Matters was to bring foreign and Chinese cultures together and show everyone that we were all the same deep down inside. The guests would be some Chinese professor of white culture from Beijing Unversity and a Chinese-American chick who just moved here from Irvine. The two guests would sit and discuss the interesting subjects like "Do foreigners like Chinese Traditional Medicine" and other snoozers. Nobody watched the show. So they

Mr. Rhodes and Mr. China

I toured with legendary comedian Tom Rhodes last week. Rhodes has been on tour for 9 straight years and really should be applying to the Guiness Book of World Records for longest tour ever. Before going on the road he hosted his own late-night talk show in Amsterdam and starred in his own NBC prime-time sitcom in the 90's. Check it out. Tom comes through Shanghai/ Suzhou about once a year and I get to out for a week with him running around China doing shows. Last year my buddy Erik Wolfe did the whole China tour with us and, besides memorizing my set, was chief air-temperature control manager as Tom likes his rooms chilly. This is where I learned that when people are cold they laugh mor

Hanging at The Crackhouse

I had an awesome time in Malaysia with The Crackhouse Comedy Club guys. I was there a couple of weeks ago as part of a South-East Asia tour playing seven shows in ten nights between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. Killer trip! The Crackhouse is designed perfectly for comedy, easily one of the top rooms in Asia currently. Rizal and Jonathan Atherton run a great operation, everybody was cool and the people in KL (and Singapore) know way more about China than I would have assumed. For instance, I have a joke about The Great Wall which I had given up on doing in America after the joke completely bombed at a show in the US. I didn't understand why until after the show when a woman in t

Learning to Fly in Malaysia

Ok so I wasn't personally learning to fly, but after a night at the Crackhouse Comedy Club in Kuala Lumpur I found myself as the passanger in a plane from the 1970's being flown by my crazy Australian friend Dom who had never flown before. Holy crap. The instructor was 22 but looked twelve, the plane was 42 but looked one hunderd and forty-two, and we were learning to fly in Malaysia. Not exactly the country with the best flying record recently. Also, the lesson lasted five minutes. "Push down on the steering wheel to go down, push up to go up". That was it. Ok so it actually lasted five seconds. As instructor dude fired up the plane it started about as smoothly as a rusty lawn mower. "Do

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